Green Bay Packers

Barrington_SamToday the Packers have signed 5 players based on the rookie practice camps.  9 of the drafted players have been signed including USF alumni Sam Barrington.

As a USF alumni, I am thrilled that the PAck selected him in the 7th round.  In review of the Packers defensive schemes it will be hard for Sam to make the team, but a presence on the practice squad and the special teams formations isn’t out of the question.

Rumors of a linebacker trade, possibly Desmond Bishop, appear to be fading away cementing the linebacking core with returning players.

I’ll continue to monitor Sam’s performance during rookie camp and the soon to be offseason training.


2 thoughts on “Green Bay Packers

  1. I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and have been a Packers fan ever since. Should I dare ask the question on everyone’s mind? Favre or Rodgers?

  2. Hey Executive,
    Thanks for the comment. I have family in Madison, I need to get back up there. My dad is actually up there all summer working the fair route.
    I was definitely a Favre fan when he was there. The Packers are about so much more than the individual though, that’s one of my favorite things about Our team. When his time was up, it was time to move on, and you couldn’t ask for better than Aaron at the helm.
    With the new tandem of thunder and lightning in the backfield I can’t wait to see how the run game helps him open up the deep threat.

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